Registration to the 2024 (eng)aging! Conference & Technology Fair

We invite you to register for the 2024 (eng)aging! – 7th International Conference on Aging & Technology Fair held in Prague and streamed online on June 20 – 21, 2024.

This year’s edition will focus on two thematic circles that encompass many essential topics affecting aging. The first theme, “Preparing for Longevity”, covers various aspects and actions necessary to stay healthy and active into old age, as well as ensuring society provides adequate, affordable, and accessible services and support to its growing senior population. The second theme, „Ageism and Social Challenges of Older People”, addresses social challenges such as ageism, abuse, neglect, and other issues that hinder older people from living inclusive, self-fulfilling, and harmonious lives. Additionally, the event will discuss technologies and solutions that enhance the quality of life for older adults at the technology fair.

Programme and registration.