7th International Conference on Aging & Technology Fair – call for papers

Március végéig várják az előadás bejelentéseket a hagyományokkal rendelkező prágai találkozóra (a korábbi konferenciák megtekinthetőek).

We invite you to 2024 (eng)aging! conference & technology fair held in Prague on June 20–21, 2024. 

We encourage the submission of abstracts and proposals for thematic sessions of the conference covering the topics listed below. We also welcome presentations of concrete examples of good practices and sustainable solutions at the conference.

1. Preparing for Longevity

In the coming decades, our societies will continue their demographic transition towards ageing. Positive trends in increasing life expectancy also bring many challenges. Higher prevalence of chronic diseases and frailty in older age places a strain on healthcare systems to provide adequate, affordable, and accessible services. It also increases the demand for social support and care provided in long-term care facilities and at home. Preparing for longevity includes actions to promote and maintain healthy and active lifestyles and improve preventative health care. Achieving a high quality of life in old age demands a multi-faceted approach that combines individual responsibilities, technological innovations, and societal commitment.

2. Ageism and Social Challenges of Older People

Developing a society that honors and values its older members requires a continued commitment to combating ageism, abuse, neglect, and other social maladies that negatively affect older people. Loneliness among older people is becoming a growing problem in aging societies around the world. Efforts are required to achieve true inclusivity for older people. Harmony and resilience for all ages can only be achieved by recognizing the rights of older individuals to health and social care and active involvement in the life of local communities and wider society. Intergenerational dialogue and knowledge transfer play a key role in fostering the understanding and unity necessary for a cohesive society. Supporting the participation of older people in the labor market and ensuring an adequate income contributes significantly to their overall well-being and increases the efficiency and sustainability of the economy.

Abstract submission deadline is March 31, 2024. 

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  1. In response to numerous requests and in our continuous effort to accommodate the interests and needs of our diverse community, we are pleased to announce an extension of the abstract submission deadline for the (eng)aging 2024 Conference.

    New Abstract Submission Deadline: April 10, 2024.

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