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Szeptember 28-án délután kettőtől egy érdekes előadást lehet meghallgatni:

Ergonomic assessment of workplaces is key to reducing workers’ risk of MSDs. However, at present, the time needed to carry out these assessments is high, so that in many cases they are either not carried out or are only carried out for some of the workers who occupy a post, without taking into account the anthropometric differences that the people who occupy the same post may have.

With the aim of significantly reducing analysis time and optimising the objectivity of the results, the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia, in collaboration with Quirónprevención, has developed a system for the analysis of movements and the evaluation of ergonomic risks using Artificial Intelligence.
The software, called ergoIA, analyses postures automatically from videos recorded from any device. It uses Deep Learning technology to identify the position of the different body segments, information from which the ergonomic risk analysis is carried out using the OWAS and REBA methodologies.

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