Kedvezményes regisztráció az IEA kongresszusra

Június 7-éig jelentkezve a MET tagok is kedvezményesen vehetnek részt az IEA 21. kongresszusán, mely teljes mértékben az on-line térbe került (június 13-18.).

Individual members of IEA member societies have reduced fees as a benefit of membership and can enjoy a further discount by registering before June 7.
IEA2021 will be truly outstanding and creative.
The Technical program is strong and exciting with:
  • 206 technical sessions over 5 days
  • 705 peer-reviewed papers presented within the general sessions
  • 39 individual Symposia
  • 14 panels
  • 11 workshops
  • 110 posters
  • 6 ECR special sessions
  • 7 Plenary sessions (opening, closing, Executive Panel, and 10 keynote speakers)
  • In addition, there are social events and technical tours.
Four of the five volumes of Congress Proceedings are already available from Springer, and the fifth will be published within days. Delegates will have free access to download the Proceedings. Links to these Proceedings for delegates will be provided at the Congress.
We are introducing a further enhancement of the Congress to encourage synchronous, spontaneous, and flexible networking using Remo Interactive Virtual Event Platform. Further details will be provided.
Visit the IEA2021 website for further information.

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