EAWS International Symposium focuses on GOOD PRODUCTIVITY

Október 18-án kétnapos nemzetközi ergonómiai konferencia lesz számos érdekes témával (MTM Summit).

Az első napon 16-18 óra között online, ingyenes szimpózium foglalkozik az ESG és az ergonómia kapcsolatával.

Environment, social and governance, or ESG for short (Environment, Social, Governance), are important factors for the long-term value creation and risk management of companies, especially in times of constant change. The EAWS International Symposium (EIS), which will be held again this year as part of the MTM SUMMIT, will focus on the S, Social, factor in the manufacturing industry. Also in focus: GOOD PRODUCTIVITY. The symposium is organized by the Fondazione Ergo, Italy.


The EIS 2023 is titled: Manufacturing ESG strategy – THE WAY OF THE GOOD PRODUCTIVITY. ESG is generally understood as a set of strategies to limit CO2 emissions, but in the social (S) domain there are two relevant strategic aspects: 1. the future of the workforce and 2. its interaction with the existing ecosystem. The future of the workforce (here we mean primarily the workers) is linked to the company’s ability to ensure industrial competitiveness through the continuous improvement of the so-called “good productivity”, thus achieving the social and economic objectives. The interaction between the environment and the factory environment is obvious: where there is a need for skills and services, prosperity is created, creating opportunities for individual development and enabling the achievement of social and economic goals. Experts attending the EIS are exploring levers and strategies to improve “good productivity” and linking its improvement to ESG strategy.


Other important topics of the EIS are ergonomics and EAWS®, the tool for assessing the ergonomic risk of a work task. Dr. Rachele Sessa, Fondazione Ergo, and Manuela Ostermeier, MTM ASSOCIATION e. V., will report on the status of the EAWS 2.0 (digital ergonomics assessment) research project. A panel discussion will focus on international standards in the field of ergonomics.

  1. You will learn about more the levers and the strategies to improve the good productivity.
  2. You will get to know how the good productivity improvement works with ESG strategy (a chapter to be included in the sustainability report).
  3. You will get to know the progress of the research project EAWS 2.0 (digital ergonomics).
  4. You will have the possibility to discuss with experts the goal and objectives of the international standards dealing with ergonomics.

The EIS 2023 will take place on Day 1 of the MTM SUMMIT – International Human Work Forum – organized by the MTM ASSOCIATION e. V.. The motto of this major meeting of the international MTM community is “Methods-Time Measurement – prospective, digital, global”. The focus will be on the application of the MTM method standard, the use of new technologies for digital work planning, and innovations to promote productive and healthy work.

Free online tickets exclusively for the EIS 2023 are available through Fondazione Ergo here.

Attendees who book a free online ticket at summit.mtm.org will also have access to all other presentations, discussions and networking opportunities at MTM SUMMIT 2023 in addition to the EIS.

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