Call for Papers 6th International Conference on Aging & Technology Fair

Március végéig várják az előadás bejelentéseket az (eng)aging! 2023 konferenciára (Prága+on-line, 2023. június 19-20.).

We invite you to the 2023 (eng)aging! conference & technology fair held on June 19–20, 2023 in Prague.  The conference will focus on the potential of the silver economy to benefit all generations and on building capacity to manage crises and their impact on the lives of older persons.

Scholars and researchers from any discipline, inter-discipline, or scholarly field are invited to submit papers on the following topics:

  1. Silver economy: Chance for all generations 

Older persons are now significant players in the economy and their role will get even bigger in upcoming years as population aging will continue. Silver economy, defined as the market that is being developed around the needs of an aging population, is becoming increasingly important and presents new business opportunities. Older persons also make a significant economic and societal contribution by staying active longer and sharing their knowledge and experience. Both their professional experience and purchasing power contribute to economic growth and development. Promoting health and activity in older age and a more age-friendly society is key to making the silver economy a potential for all generations.​

  1. Current and future crises: The situation and role of older persons

Due to population aging around the world, older persons now constitute a significant proportion of those at risk during various crises.  The focus of the conference will be capacity building to manage crises and their impact on lives of older persons, effective protection of older persons and their inclusion in anti-crisis measures during pandemics, natural disasters, wars, economic crises (inflation, unemployment, energy crisis, etc.). The recent experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine shows that similar crises can seriously threaten the social security, social and health care systems and opportunities for healthy and active aging, and lead to social exclusion and loneliness, loss of employment and personal independence, risk of poverty and other negative consequences for older persons. Better preparedness to manage these crises require more decisive actions at all levels – individual, societal, including national public policies, and international cooperation, by revising the current framework of policy on aging.

Abstract submission deadline is March 31, 2023.



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