Ülő álló munkahely – kanadai webinárium

A Waterloo Egyetem (Kanada) professzora tart áttekintő webináriumot az ülő-álló munkaállomások előnyeiről, hátrányairól március 8-án, magyar idő szerint délután hatkor. A részvétel ingyenes de regisztrációhoz kötött:


Sitting, and the associated negative health outcomes, have gained much media attention. Sitting has been flagged as a major health concern, leading to workers with seated jobs negotiating for the right to stand, and sit-stand adjustable worksurfaces becoming a common change in office upgrades.

This webinar will discuss a new trend in office workstations, often referred to as “Hybrid Seating,” intended to address negative outcomes of both prolonged standing or sitting. These seats are designed to change the seated posture and utilize the worksurface heights between sitting and standing. Information presented will cover the effectiveness of these seats at changing an individual’s postures and whether these solutions are worth pursuing. This webinar will be of interest to employers, employees, ergonomists, health and safety and human resources personnel.

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