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7-8-9 July 2021 Virtual (Budapest)



Ergonomics and Human Factors Regional Educational CEEPUS Network


7 July 2021 Wednesday

2-3.30 PM – Opening

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  • Pedro Ferreira PhD: FEES treasurer: The Train4Work ergonomics e-learning course

4-5 PM – ERGOWORK track (Romanian)

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  • Alin Gaureanu: Interdisciplinarity in OHS and ergonomics consulting services


  • Maria – Elena Boatcă: Ergonomic interventions – methodological concepts and case studies
  • Nicoleta Neag: Ergonomics in healthcare – in situ observations vs best practices

4-5 PM – Poznan track (Polish)

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  • Olga Kodeniec: The impact of safety culture on the level of accidents at work in selected manufacturing companies
  • Natalia Mikołajczyk: Assessment of students’ mental workload in distance learning
  • Maciej Niemir: Human Factor in Product E-catalog Management
  • Żaneta Nejman: Social well-being as an element of psychosocial activities. Experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Institute of Safety and Quality Engineering

8 July 2021 Thursday

10-12 AM Ergonomics Programs to prevent wMSDs (English)

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  • DI Michael Wichtl, AUVA: Austrian “Lighten the load” champaign activities.
  • David SW Tjong: Care for our Wellbeing

OAEA Logo2-3.30 PM Ergonomics in the Artificial era (English)

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  • Mercedes Sanchis and Helios de Rosario  (INSTITUTO DE BIOMECÁNICA, Universitat Politècnica de València): How to use AI to evaluate ergonomics risks with ergoIA?

  • Maria Boatca, (ErgoWork, Politehnica University of Timișoara, Romania) UNI-TIMISOARA
  • Albert Valls (Quirónprevención, Spain): User Experience with ergoIA

3:45 PM General Assembly of the Hungarian Ergonomics Society (Hungarian)

4-5 PM Office work – Affiliated with OSH TeaHouse  (Hungarian)

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  • Kudász Ferenc
  • Németh Edit: Office of the Year
  • Bíró Brigitta: Activity-based office
  • Fekete Zsuzsa: Prevention of Sedentary related wMSDs.

9 July 2021 Friday

10-12 AM – Exceptional practices (English)

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  • Norbert Lechner, AUVA, Vienna, Use of exosceletons in the industrial field.
  • Babicsné Horváth Mária: TU Budapest: Increasing the efficiency of industrial workplaces applying eye-tracking glasses
  • Junaid Ahmed, Beata Mrugalska: Human perspective on Industry 4.0

2-3.30 PM Interdisciplinary application of computer technology and artificial intelligence for ergonomic and bioengineering activities in practice (Bulgarian)

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  • Tihomir Dovramadjiev (BAEHF / TU-Varna): Motion Capture (MoCap) and 3D design for ergonomics needs

  • Rusko Filchev (TU-Varna): The role of artificial intelligence in banking

  • Diana Pavlova (TU-Varna / Dentaprime): Application of modern technologies for ergonomic and bioengineering solutions in dental healthcare practice.

14 July 2021 Thursday

10-12 AM Virtual tour in the virtual technology (English)

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Hosted by Prof. (FH) Mag. Michael Reiner, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems



Program Committee

  • Gyula Szabó, Óbuda University, Budapest, Hungarian Ergonomics Society (chair)
  • Tihomir Dovramadjiev, Technical University of Varna, Bulgarian Association of Ergonomics and Human Factors
  • Anca Draghici, Politehnica University Timisoara, President of the Ergonomics and Workplace Management Society in Romania
  • György Kaucsek, Hungarian Ergonomics Society
  • Beata Mrugalska, Poznan University of Technology, Polish Ergonomics Society
  • Michael Reiner, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems
  • Mercedes Sanchis, Universitat Politècnica de València
  • Michael Wichtl, AUVA Wien, Austrian Ergonomics Society

Venue: BBB hosted by Óbuda University

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